Pitching to Podcasts: 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Writing "The YES Pitch" That Gets You Booked as a Guest Expert

Learn how to find who to pitch to, what to say, and how it's done by watching a LIVE breakdown of pitches that worked!

Final Masterclass Date:

Tuesday 28th January 2020 at 11am ET // 8am PST // 4pm GMT


In This Masterclass, You'll Learn:

  • The Sniper Strategy to Research Podcasts 

    which are in 100% alignment with your own brands' beliefs, values, and mission to give you the most ROI on your efforts - with a demo for someone who's LIVE in the audience!

  • The 5 Things Podcast Hosts Look For Before Saying Yes 

    which I discovered after personally asking hosts during my 101 podcast pitching challenge 

  • The Anatomy of a "YES" Pitch

    by showing you a LIVE breakdown of my personal pitches that worked (and one that didn’t)! 

    And sooo much more to help you get started getting booked on podcasts as a guest expert in no time!


    The Podcasting Industry is On the Rise - And It’s About Time You Catch That Wave!

    If you’re on this page, you either LOVE listening to podcasts, or you have one of your own (or both) - which tells me one super important thing about you, friend.


    You understand how powerful this auditory medium is at accelerating the “Know, Like, & Trust” factor with the people who need to hear your message the most. 


    Unlike video shows or blogs, podcasting fits into your day where nothing and no-one else has your attention for an extended period of time - apart from that voice speaking directly to you from those earbuds.


    Now, imagine for a moment if that was your voice between the ears of your ideal clients, telling them how their problems could be resolved if only they followed the steps you’re teaching in your area of expertise?



    Research by Statistica (2019) shows that: 

    “38% of podcast listeners will buy a product or service after learning about a new brand on a podcast.”



    That new brand could be you! 


    If you know that you have something important to share to make a positive impact, be sure to join me on this LIVE masterclass where I’ll show you the 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Writing "The YES Pitch" to get booked as a guest expert: 


    This Masterclass is a MUST For You to Attend If:

    • You know that showing up as the expert you are on a consistent basis is the key to building relationships with your audience, and growing your email list with quality subscribers

    • You would like to have shorter sales cycles and get closer to working with more "OMG I WISH ALL MY CLIENTS WERE LIKE YOU" clients, who will gladly pay for your services 

    • You’re a podcaster yourself, and you need to get booked on other podcasts in order to grow your reach beyond your already existing audience

      And... can I share something

      personal with you?

      Before all of this podcast guesting in my business, I honestly felt like I was a nobody because I never fully showed up...


      Can you relate to that by any chance?


      Playing it small and safe seemed like the better option at the time... until I realised how many opportunities I was leaving on table because of it. 


      That's when I chose to change all of this "Staying Safe in my Comfort Zone" behaviour by challenging myself to pitch to 101 podcasts to be a guest expert on their show - all in just 30 days.


      And as you can probably imagine, I learned a LOT being in the trenches (or getting “scrappy” as I like to say it) - what to do, and what definitely NOT to do.


      And after guesting as a expert on these podcasts, I was pleasantly surprised to start receiving opportunities like:


      • Being hired for my services by the podcast hosts themselves for packages of a minimum of $3k
      • Growing my email list with quality subscribers (i.e. with people who actually hit reply and chat with you!) in a short period of time
      • Teaching private workshops inside paid courses

      And so much more!


      Which is precisely why I put together this masterclass - so I can show you how you can also receive these kinds of opportunities to grow your business to an entirely new level. 


      Because the thing is? I know that you truly have something bigger to share, friend.


      So if you’re truly committed to showing up to make a deeper impact, and you’re willing to go beyond playing small - I personally can’t wait to see you there LIVE on the masterclass! 


      All the loving best,

      Mai-kee x

      © Mai-kee Tsang. All Rights Reserved.